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HTML <main> Tag

The HTML <main> tag provides a semantic element to indicate the main content of a web page. By using this tag, web developers can easily identify what is the most important piece of content and more accurately structure the page. It also helps search engine crawlers to better comprehend the content of a page and deliver more suitable results in searches.

For website visitors to get an enjoyable experience, web developers need to ensure that the main content gets proper attention. That's why the HTML <main> tag is such an essential feature ofa webpage. This element allows developers to precisely indicate which part of their website holds the most important information.

The content contained within a <main> element should be specific and unique to the document. Any content that is repeated across multiple documents or document sections, such as sidebars, navigation links, copyright information, logos, and search forms, should not be included in the <main> element unless the search form is the primary purpose of the page.

    <!-- Add your main content here -->
  <h1>This is the main heading</h1>
  <p>This is a paragraph about the main topic.</p>
    <li>List item 1</li>
    <li>List item 2</li>

As you can see from this simple example, everything inside the main tags will be considered primary content, helping maintain focus on what matters most. It also ensures that any other elements outside these tags are given a lesser significance than those within them, providing structure and order on a webpage even if there is no clear difference between them visually. This eventually leads to more efficient navigation through a site’s content that is tailored toward any type of user.

An example of how this element can be used is on product pages or articles where there are many blocks of text with different information like product specs and reviews. By using <main>, developers can make sure that visitors correctly see what they intended them to see first - usually, some kind of summary or introduction - without having to battle through all other content seeking it out.

Another benefit of this tag is that it allows website owners to keep accessibility in mind when designing their pages. By effectively managing the structure and hierarchy on the page, screen reader users will have an easier time navigating through these elements by quickly understanding which parts contain primary content and which don't. This makes sure all types of users get an equal amount of value from using your website.